Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director
Prospera / 2018


Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the life of Alicia Alonso.

Premiere: 29th October 2018, in the International Ballet Festival of Havana, Grand Teatro Alicia Alonso, Cuban National Ballet.

Choreography: Cathy Marston

Music: Lera Auerbach – Dialogues with Pergolessi

Costumes: Jean-Marc Puissant

Light: Lorenzo Savoini

Length: 25mins

Cast: 5 principals and a group of 12 dancers

Pointe Magazine

"There is no doubt that the dancers’ basic preparation was a good foundation, allowing the creation of a choreographic adventure - classical and contemporary fused into one, revealing passions, first that of the choreographer for Alicia / Cuba, and that of the dancers. This was seen in that group's own magnetism, both inspiring and inspired, supported by their technique and an unlimited energy that broke physical and mental barriers."
Revista Arte X Excelencia

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