Cathy Marston | Choreographer Artistic Director
Ghosts / 2005


Premiere: Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House, London. September 2005

Commissioned by the Royal Opera House and based on Ibsen’s play.

Music: Dave Maric – specially commissioned for harp, cello, marimba, bass clarinet and viola.

Set and Costumes: Jon Bausor

Light: Simon Bennison

Cast: 7

Length: 65mins

“Marston answers Ibsen's tense, retrograde structure with a perfectly logical time-scheme of her own… Her key ploy is to show cause and effect simultaneously, bringing past and present together…the clammy claustrophobia of this story can be intolerable. Knowing this, Marston brightens a few corners, inserting a gorgeous bread-making scene for the two maid playfully poking their elbows in great lumps of dough (a substance whose sexual suggestiveness is useful)…ravishing duets for the younger maid and Matthew Hart's seal-pup of an Oswald…to everyone's credit the ballet's 70 minutes feel short.”
Independent on Sunday, 2005

“There is perfect logic to reframe (Ghosts) in dance…her re-structuring is deft…her choreography is wonderfully illustrative of character… she has let the drama bleed through the dance.”
Telegraph 2005

“Associate Artist Cathy Marston produced a juicy little masterpiece last week. Quality is her byword… you could only smile at the perfection of it all. Marston is up there with Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley in the top quality, thoroughly enjoyable misery stakes. Will Ghosts go down well in Liverpool or Glasgow on a Saturday night? It’s worth a try.”
Sunday Express, 2005

To view a video of the complete work please contact Cathy Marston to request a private link.

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